Eastern Region


The Eastern Region, with an area of 19,323 square kilometres, occupying 8.1 per cent of the total land area of Ghana, is the sixth largest region of the country. A total of 2,106,696 population for the region, representing 11.1 per cent of Ghana’s population according to 2010 population census of Ghana. It is the third most populous region, after the Ashanti and Greater Accra. The population is made up of 49.2 per cent males and 50.8 per cent females, giving a sex ratio of 96.8 males to 100 females.Contributing to development in the Region,FARIAD is focused on:




Boosting Agricultural Productivity for Increased Food Security Food


Working in the Eastern Region of Ghana FARIAD’s Agriculture and Food Security portfolio has expanded rapidly within recent years by addressing immediate needs while promoting long-term project sustainability and capacity building in Akwapim North District in the Eastern Region. FARIAD’s food security programs have focused on crop production, seed rice, post-harvest technology and agribusiness.FARIAD works with local farming communities to revamp the agricultural sector and equip the community members with valuable skills. FARIAD’s farming programs assist marginalized groups within communities, including the unemployed and lowly-skilled community members. FARIAD trains farmers in appropriate and environmentally friendly farming techniques, while distributing basic tools, seeds, and other inputs.In order to rise out of poverty and move beyond subsistence farming,FARIAD introduce more advanced production technology.


The use of appropriate farming technology increases agricultural yield and the value of the farmers’ crops. In recent agricultural projects in the Akwapim North District,FARIAD has utilized low-cost technology that neither exacerbates resources nor requires large amounts of physical labor.in poor resource communities in the District,FARIAD has introduced rice and maize threshers and mille, cassava and peanut processors, rotary weeders, rototillers, drying slabs, and improved grain storage facilities.


FARIAD has introduced NERICA maize, a robust high-yield cross between Asian and African maize varieties. Seed banks have been established, and the most promising varieties are distributed to farmers.


Protecting Biodiversity and Conserving the Environment


FARIAD works in Nsawam Adoagyire Municipal in the Eastern Region by providing communities and businesses in the area with economically viable alternatives to forest destruction, we are helping them to ensure the health and survival of wildlife habitats and the plants and animals that depend on them.


We provide them with tools, technical assistance and training, and then evaluate forestry and agricultural businesses to ensure that they are protecting soils and waterways, monitoring wildlife populations, conserving migratory pathways, saving breeding grounds and prohibiting the trafficking of wild animals.


We help community members better manage and benefit from their natural resources by fighting deforestation and planting trees,so that forests continue to provide clean.


Our activities in the Region also contribute to protecting biodiversity, so that people don’t lose essential goods and services generated by intact and functional ecosystems, and species aren’t lost to extinction; and mitigating and adapting to the effects of climate change, so countries can grow without harming the environment while strengthening their resilience to warmer temperatures and weather shocks.



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