Good Governance and Human Rights


Progress and development are not underpinned by economic advancement alone, but also by good governance. "Weak" governments, arbitrary legal and judicial systems, corruption and poorly functioning administration are also massive obstacles to development. Since the mid-1990s, good governance has therefore become a key concept in development strategies.


The promotion of good governance involves creating the right political conditions for successful social, environmental and economic development in the partner countries in which development cooperation takes place.


Reassuringly enough, there is today in Ghana demand for a new approach to governance-emphasizing on accountability.To FARIAD, the clamour today for democracy and good governance in Ghana stems from the denial of fundamental human rights, the presence of arbitrariness and the absence of basic freedoms.



Poverty reduction cannot be achieved without a government able to serve the public interest effectively by being accountable to its citizens and respecting the rule of law.To FARIAD,the strategic goal to demand greater responsiveness on the part of political leadership, respect for human rights, accountability is fundamental to achieving the Millennium Declaration.


Specifically, FARIAD’s Good Governance Programme were selected to describe conduct the following activities


Coordinate human rights monitoring efforts that document and expose human rights violations in the provision of government services. Based on findings, publish information to progressively impact public opinion and social policy

Facilitate the use of international human rights mechanisms with which to hold the government accountable to protecting human rights.

 Offer educational materials, workshops, trainings and technical assistance to facilitate the use of the human rights framework in advancing social justice and good governance.

Organize domestic groups to engage in different UN mechanisms including UN conferences, and treaty ratification



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