Individuals: How You Can Help FARIAD


Poverty is characterized by a lack of access to essential goods, service, assets, good governance credits, and opportunities to which every human being is entitled to. Everyone should be free from hunger, should be able to live in peace and should have access to basic education and primary health care.


That’s where FARIAD and its supporters come in.

Working for the poor particularly in rural areas, FARIAD is committed to achieving the expectations of those we served including children, and to develop a capacity for the total transformation of woman and peasant farmers from economic dependence, deprivation and poverty to economic self reliance and better financial management of their businesses for more sustainable development and improvement of their lives and that of their families.



FARIAD is a different kind of charity, built with a different kind of business model. We partner with individuals who have something to give to the poor throguh the work of FARIAD.


Because of our time-tested, cost-effective, and experience-driven model, the impact of the contributions of supporters is multiplied many, many times over. Historically, for every $1 donated we are able to deliver $25 in humanitarian aid to people in need.FARIAD is grateful for individual contributions in anyamount. Contributions can be made by cheque, credit card or pledges. You may also wish to make a donation in the name of friends and loved ones.


Financial contributions are critical to our development efforts. FARIAD   relies upon private contributions to support our mission. To make an individual contribution, contact the President at the address below:


The President

Fair River International Association for Development -FARIAD

No.14 Sapele Loop Kokomlemle Accra-Ghana, West Africa

P .O. Box OS 2369, Accra-Ghana

Tel: 233 030 709 9882 /Mobile 233 24 31 07 106



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No.14 Sapele Loop Kokomlemle Accra-Ghana, West Africa

P .O. Box OS 2369, Accra-Ghana

Tel:233 030 709 9882 /Mobile 233 24 31 07 106


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