Primary Healthcare

Fair River International Association for Development (FARIAD) provides a comprehensive package of services that includes child immunization, Vitamin A supplementation, de-worming of under fives and pregnant women, treatment of childhood illnesses;reducing anemia prevalence among pregnant women and women of reproductive age through universal supplementation of pregnant women with daily iron/folic acid tablets etc.


It is estimated that 80 per cent of all deaths and 90 per cent of all illnesses in Sub-Saharan Africa result from diseases that are preventable. We believe that this percentage can easily be decreased by early diagnosis, awareness, and affordable regular treatment provided through competent health workers.


FARIAD’s Primary health care (PHC) stresses prevention rather than cure. It relies on home self-help, community participation, and technology that the people find acceptable, appropriate, and



affordable.It combines modern, scientific knowledge and feasible health technology with acceptable, effective traditional healing practices. Of special importance for women is that the effectiveness of our PHC depends very much upon community acceptance of the primary health care workers, most of whom are women and who, in most cases, are recruited from and selected with the participation of the community.

Stifling the potential of many children and parents are HIV and AIDS, high birth and illiteracy rates, and lack of access to health care and potable water. To combat this, FARIAD:


  • Partners with community-based organizations, support groups of people living with HIV/AIDS, religious and community leaders, schools, youth groups and other gatekeepers to promote HIV/AIDS prevention, care and treatment, and reduce stigma against people living with AIDS;
  • Establishes in-school and out-of-school programmes on Sexual and Reproductive Health protecting girls from teenage pregnancy, Sexual, Transmitted Infections such as Cancroids, Chlamydia, Gonorrhea, Syphilis and HIV/AIDS;
  • Primary health care program addresses the most basic healthcare problems in the target communities by providing prevention education and raising community awareness of local health problems such as malaria, HIV/AIDS, STIs, environmental sanitation, nutritional intake, and access to clean water. ADRA also sources for medical equipment and supplies to support local health care facilities.


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